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Garvey Wholesale Beverage

Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a Cash ‘N Carry operation. The selling price of all goods is at the front line wholesale price. Garvey Wholesale Beverage does not sell to the public. All sales are strictly on a Cash ‘N Carry basis. Garvey Wholesale Beverage is a liquor wholesaler with an 18-type license, the same type of license that distributors like Southern Wine and Spirits and Young’s Market have. In addition, Garvey Wholesale Beverage services its Beer and Wine clients with a 17-type Beer and Wine wholesale license, the same as distributors like ACE, Haralambos, and Gallo Wine Company use.

Garvey Wholesale Beverage works hand in hand with beer, wine, and liquor distributors to ensure that specific products are on display year round, especially during the holiday season. Garvey has expanded its product line to better service the marketplace by adding soft drinks, juices, back bar items, and janitorial goods. Business is conducted seven days a week, so that customers’ needs are always met. Garvey employs a number of multilingual employees to accommodate the evolution of the Southern California broad market. The laws governing all other major distributors also apply to Garvey Wholesale Beverage. The company is required to post all prices with the Alcoholic Beverage Control, regarding the sales of beer, wine, and liquor in the State of California. In addition to this, all retail customer locations and licenses are verified with ABC before any alcoholic beverages are sold to them.

Our Vision

At Garvey Wholesale Beverage, our vision always excites us to create a new brewery and assist clients in producing high-quality beers.

Our Mission

Garvey Wholesale Beverage began as a tiny square foot business more than 50 years ago, with the mission of offering quality wines, spirits, and artisan breweries to the good people of California.

Our Vision

Garvey Wholesale Beverage’s job doesn’t just end with a simple sale. All employees see themselves as part of the educational process for new items and line extensions to the local retailers. Customers don’t see a sales representative from the distributor on a normal basis and have difficulty meeting the “minimums” for delivery. Therefore, with the help of Garvey Wholesale, these customers will be presented many of the new items we constantly see in the industry. Garvey feels that providing this extra service has helped solidify long-term customer and distributor relations and loyalty. It is the long-term commitment to the industry and to their customer that has helped Garvey grow to the company it is today.

Meet Our Team

Meet the experienced and knowledgeable members of our team
Jeremy Rhodes

Sales Consultant

Jeremy Rhodes

Christina Vacariu

Sales Consultant

Christina Vacariu

Miriam  Ramirez

Customer Service Manager

Miriam Ramirez

Garvey Wholesale Beverage History



Produce 4 Types Beer

Then the owner, ever the entrepreneur, formed a bootlegging company in California with the help of alcohol suppliers. And Launched 4 types of beers in 1984.


Where We Started

It all started in 1967 when the owner started choosing quality malts and brewing alcohol for the locals of California. He sold domestic alcohol and started improving it based on reviews from the locals.


Beer Shipped Worldwide

Garvey Wholesale Beverage changed the merchandising sector by recognizing the necessity of point-of-purchase marketing. To react to the changing business, Garvey Wholesale Beverage established many new divisions and built a state-of-the-art facility. Garvey Wholesale Beverage began offering sales, marketing, and shipping support to customers all across the world in 2010.


Best Beer Achievement

Garvey Wholesale Beverage established a full-fledged sales team in downtown and extended areas, recognizing the value of having a presence in the market. The company achieved the title of the finest distributor in the country to build a segment devoted to wholesale sales after recognizing the need for specialized channel knowledge.